Space Mastery


Technology, Innovation, Strategy and Transformation in Space, Aviation and Energy industries.

Oscar L. Martin

Oscar Martin is an Advisory Director for several startups in high-tech industries. His 25-year experience developing, and manufacturing high technology has provided him with a helicopter view of all the technical and business areas of the aviation, space, energy, and electronics industries in both commercial and defense markets in Europe and the US. His R&D teams have developed and manufactured the most diverse projects — from reusable rockets, or several subsystems for the Galileo satellites, to torpedo stabilizers, or thermal control systems for chemical, nuclear, and thermosolar power plants.

Having overseen business areas such as engineering, technology, design, quality, operations, and general management, he now coaches executive teams on how to implement efficient and flexible concept-to-market pipelines, short product life cycle frameworks, modern management system, and Zero Defects manufacturing, using his expertise on strategic to tactical deployment, corporate culture improvement, organization restructuring, technical capability, coaching, and change management.

His curiosity drives his non-stop passion for exploring, learning, and applying new ideas and concepts at all levels, from new technologies in the five foundational sectors that underpin our global economy —information, energy, materials, transportation, and biology— to new business models and innovation trends. He is concerned about how the technology is evolving at an increasing rate and how it is driving the global culture at all levels, anticipating the future of human interaction, business strategies, the environment, or the manufacturing systems of the next decade beyond the industry 4.0 paradigm.