Space Mastery


CEO Space Technology Holdings, Venture Partner Starbridge VC, Pres. AlumaPower USA.

Richard Godwin

I’ve been a spacer since I was a child, or as we now refer to ourselves as Orphans of Apollo. Growing up in the most exciting sliver of history ever, the first trips of humankind off world. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur almost as long, building companies in several industries in Europe and the Americas. Now as the Senior Manager and Founder of Space Technology Holdings it is wonderful that I can say that my job is also my passion, to expand Earth’s economic sphere of influence outwards, yet also to commercialize space designed or derived technologies down here on the ground. You might say that our head is in space, but our feet are firmly planted on the ground. 

The Space sector is expanding at an ever increasing rate, there are many new technologies with multi billion dollar market potentials that are being derived from Space technology. STH and Starbridge VC will bring resources to bear on candidate technologies that pass our due diligence processes. From new reusable space architectures, to biotech, to National Security, Semiconductors, oncology, 3D tissue engineering and more. Space exploration, through its diverse R&D requirements, creates fusions of ideas, more useful technology and hence wealth than ANY other human endeavour in human history.

My TEDx talk from 2011, shown here, explains a little more about my business aspirations on the High Ground of Space. But understand our philosophy, for space endeavours to be sustainable I believe that they have to be profitable. Powered by the wings of free enterprise and private capital and not just the whims of Governmental budgeting.