Space Mastery


Executive Director and cofounder of the Foundation for the International Non-Governmental Development of Space (FINDS)

Filmaker / CEO

Physician, scientist-astronaut candidate, aquanaut, VP Immersive Medicine Luxsonic Technologies, speaker, martial artist

Engineer, economist, futurist, and transhumanist

Founder and CEO of EDL

American physicist, quantum technologist, international diplomat and NASA-trained commercial astronaut

Founder and CEO (or/and Chairman) of Moon Express, Viome, Bluedot, TalentWise, Intelius and InfoSpace

Business Developer for Human Spaceflight, Microgravity and Exploration at OHB System

Director of Bioinformatics at CREA and serves on it’s Advisory Board

Founder & CEO at United Space Structures — Robotics for Space Construction and Project Manager at HDR Architecture

Professor in Space System Engineering at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Director of the Aerospace Centre of Excellence at the University of Strathclyde